Mega Value with the Megabus

Transportation around the United States can often cost us more than we would like to pay for the privilege of sitting on a coach for several hours in a row. However as the Megabus company has recently started operating from Amherst the pains of travelling no longer seem that bad. As an International Student here at UMass I have ambitions to see as much of the United States as I can as well as my academic goals; so the Megabus certainly helps keep the wallet in a healthier state.

Megabus is emerging as a potential contender to the Peter Pan and Greyhound services that significantly occupy the long-haul market. In fact Greyhound bus drivers have been seen getting somewhat antagonised by the presence of the Megabus at UMass. The Megabus may only run to Hartford and New York from Amherst currently but as these routes are still very recent additions it is not hard to fathom that more could be added in the future.

If I wanted to book a return bus from Amherst to New York this weekend I would pay $32 with Megabus and $50 for a Greyhound Webfare, this increases to $85 as a standard fare; so the appeal of the Megabus is very clear. Journeys booked long enough in advance can cost as little as $3 or $4 return.

The lack of routes from Amherst currently appears to be the only problem with the Megabus as the facilites on board are equivalent to or in some cases better than the Greyhound service. If more routes become available to customers travelling from Amherst then Megabus could see itself becoming an even bigger player in the market.