Clear message, unclear execution.

“I’m really pleased with the turnout, but there have been a few technical difficulties,” stated Steven McCloud, an employee at the UMass Graduate Center. He was referring to a Teach-In event held at the UMass Student Union, which took place on Tuesday April 5th. Various speakers enlightened the crowd throughout the day. However the methods that were used to do so often prevented a clear and effective message. On one occasion Geoffrey Sachs was speaking to the crowd via a live video feed. As he was about to make a key point the video feed stopped, leaving the crowd wondering what he was about to announce.
Unfortunately for the event this was not a one-off occurrence. The live video streams were often rather blurry and unclear. “Support our unions and support our labor,” and “Send a signal that our system isn’t broken but Washington is,” were two clear messages expressed via the online speakers. Despite the obvious importance of these messages it was hard to really feel the emotion of the speakers due to the unclear feeds. McCloud said, “I have to admit that I prefer the live, in-person, speakers as opposed to this video format.”
New technology is being developed and used all around us, as a means to ensure that a message can be widespread and inclusive. However it may be the case that it is not quite the most appropriate method to fuel the passion of these crowds just yet.


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