Several (underhand) ways to save money on a night out.

Students are always looking for ways to save money. Nearing the end of term there is some partying to be done so here are a few methods, some better than others, for saving a little bit of cash when you’re out.

1. Be a sneaky drink thief – There is always one friend who leaves their drink unattended. Don’t be afraid to sneak yourself a cup.

2. An obvious one, leave your credit card at home – Take a limited amount of money with you so you can’t break the bank balance.

3. Buy a dirty pint – One of these should be enough for one evening. A concoction of everything that is unpleasant. Very much a traditional birthday gift.

4. Hire a designated driver – Find a brave and, more importantly, a patient friend to put up with the nights antics.

5. Do a runner from the taxi – A controversial method but one that can save you several dollars nonetheless. This may be necessary however if you cannot find that patient friend.

6. Sneak into the bar/club – Side or rear entrances are perfect for those who love to avoid cover charges.

7. Don’t order Wings, make your own masterpiece – A fine achievement for any night out, returning home to cook yourself a luxurious meal (depending on your definition of luxury).

If applied correctly you can save yourself a king’s ransom, ready for another night.